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The PhD Candidates' Council at Leipzig University

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PhD lectures

In 2004 the Leipzig Network of Stipends (Leipziger Stipendiatennetzwerk) initiated and organised the Leipzig Lecture series: Graduate students can seize the opporturnity to present their dissertation projects to an audience of fellow researchers and Leipzig citizens. The Leipzig Initiative for doctoral students took the idea over in 2008 until the Council for Doctoral Students at the University of Leipzig incoporated the lectures series under their roof within its founding in 2010.

Every academic term PhD candidates give presentions of their work framed by an overall topic that changes very semester or year respectively. Speakers from various disciplines aim to present their research in an overall comprehensible manner. The Leipzig PhD lecture series also shows the large scale of interesting and diverse PhD projects and invites the public to these impressions of a wide landscape of research at the University of Leipzig.
After the talks there is always romm for discussion usually followed by inspiring cultural events that offer a different or additional perspective in an non-scientifc way and stimulate the debate.


The peer reviewed online open access journal arbeitstitel. forum für leipziger promovierende is directly linked to the Leipzig PhD lecture series. The revised talks will be published in the journal alongside with book reviews and project descriptions dealing with the proposed subject area. Junior researchers get the opportunity to present and address their projects to an interested public audience. They can request feedback or comments as well as work on their presention and arguement skills.