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ProRat Sommergrillen

4. August 2018 by David Georg Reichelt · Comments Off on ProRat Sommergrillen

Like every year, ProRat will organize the traditional ProRat Sommergrillen (summer barbecue) in the Lene-Voigt-Park. We will meet at 18:00 in Lene-Voigt-Park near Rubensstraße. This year, ProRat will organize meat and soft drinks for everyone. Therefore, we will ask for a donation of ~ 3 Euro.

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Our Candidates – Part II

16. May 2018 by David Georg Reichelt · Comments Off on Our Candidates – Part II

After we described the first part of our candidates for term 2018/19, here comes the second part:

Stefan Lehm
I am a PhD student at the institute of history at Universität Leipzig since 2016. Before I started my PhD, I have been studying in Leipzig for 5 years for teaching profession in history and biology. Because I love history so much, I did not want to go back to school yet. Instead, I wanted to do more research in my special topic of economic history in Augsburg (Bavaria – in the south of Germany). Indeed, I was a strange student in comparison to my colleagues, because I visited some more courses than they, for which we were not obliged, and I learned more than one ancient language.
During my PhD I work in German archives at original sources of the 16th century, read literature with some relations to my topic and write my dissertation, which has to be a monograph at the end of my PhD. When I am not writing my PhD or visiting archives in south Germany, I do some work for the ProRat in Leipzig. I was elected for ProRat in 2016 and 2017. In this time I organized the monthly meetings and work at the ProRat-counseling-group. In the next period I want to work for a good counseling of PhD students and I want to do more networking for ProRat at the university and in Saxony.

David Georg Reichelt
After finishing my studies in business computer science and pure computer science in Hamburg in 2013, I work in different institutions of Universität Leipzig. In my PhD in software engineering I research a new method for finding performance differences in software versions.
Since I do my PhD, I enjoy the (sometimes missing) freedom, which research and working at the university offers. Unfortunately, in my view the interdisciplinary networking during the PhD is often neglected. In order to change this, I ran for ProRat twice and am organizing the ‘Stammtisch’ and supporting the organization of different networking events. If I get elected, I will continue these activities in the next term.

Maria Stuckenberg
My name is Maria Stuckenberg, I am 28 years old and started my PhD in October 2015 at the faculty for life sciences. Already in my Bachelor program (“Cognitive Science”), I decided to proceed a career in science. I am highly interested in the research topic of human cognition. I moved from Lower-Saxony to Leipzig to receive the optimal balance between further education and supervision within the “International Max Planck Research School“ program. Within the past two years, I have been an active member of the ProRat and would like to continue this work in the future. One of my projects was the “Doctorates Day”. I enjoy to work together with PhD Candidates from different areas and I like to support students who are interested in pursuing a PhD in Leipzig.

We only posted the candidates who sent us their introduction. If you are also a candidate and want your introduction to be published, please send it to

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Our Candidates – Part I

14. May 2018 by David Georg Reichelt · Comments Off on Our Candidates – Part I

The election of the PromovierendenRat for the term 2018/19 takes place on 5th/6th of June. The PromovierendenRat is the representation of the PhD candidates of the Universität Leipzig. Currently, the PromovierendenRat represents the PhD candidates in several boards, organises network events and counseling regarding pursueing a PhD, but it would like to realise new ideas. In order to efficiently represent the PhD candidates of Universität Leipzig, it is important that the PromovierendenRat is elected by as many PhD candidates as possible – therefore, please go voting!

This week, we will introduce the candidates. Since we have got many candidates, we present them in two parts and start with the candidates from A to L:

Daria Ankudinova
My name is Daria Ankudinova, I am originally from Russia, and I am doing my Ph.D. at the Institute of Applied Linguistics and Translatology in specialized languages.
In addition to my PhD-studies, I work as a freelance lecturer in German as a foreign language and as a translator.
Since the end of 2017, I have been coordinating the project of DaMigra e.V. “Equal political participation for female migrants” within the framework of the federal program “Living Democracy!”, and my personal motivation is to champion women’s rights.
In particular, following interests of international doctoral students are important to me: gender equality, codetermination in higher education and equal participation in the international scientific community.

Diana Ayeh
My name is Diana, and I am inscribed as a doctoral student at the Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies at Leipzig University since 2016. Having studied Political Science, African Studies and International Development in Leipzig, Bordeaux and Berlin, I am currently working on industrial gold mining in Burkina Faso from a social science lens. As a junior researcher, I am part of the collaborative Research Center “Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition” (SFB 1199). Since January 2018, I am the representative of the doctoral students of the Research Academy Leipzig (RAL). As a future member of ProRat I would like be to better connect the doctoral students taking part in the numerous structured programs of the RAL with all other junior researchers at Leipzig University. While seeking to promote junior researchers and their projects, I actively want to take part in negotiations around higher education policy in Saxony and beyond. The support of international PhD students and a lived culture of equality and inclusion across different social backgrounds are particularly important topics that I want to address.

Christian Dittmar
I studied Journalism and Spanish Filology at the University of Leipzig. Now I’m working as a freelance journalist for MDR and LVZ and doing a PhD at Institute of KMW with the title “Evolution of journalism in Germany and Spain during the times of Euro-Crisis”. In ProRat I’d like to engage for external PhD-Students, because they have partly other problems as internal ones and I know some sort of this.

Melanie Mack
At the Faculty of Sport Science, Institute of Movement and Training Science in Sports I with the focus on gymnastics, dance and martial arts.
M.Sc. Psychology at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen.
#I take part in the ProRat:
I think it is important to have a contact point for PhD students, running into problems in their PhD or just being interested in exchange and discussion. Furthermore, for me the ProRat is a platform to increase the visibility of the PhD students at the University and thereby creating an opportunity to have influence on university policy in their interest.
#I am doing my PhD because:
I like research and scientific work. For  me it is a nice combination out of self-determination, creativity, free space and the opportunity to constantly develop.
A whiteness which guides me through difficult time during my PhD:
„Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts“ (Richard Feynman),
„Je mehr man weiß, desto mehr weiß man, was man nicht weiß“ (Manfred Hinrich)
#Next to my PhD, I spending my free time with:
#The most beautiful/modest part of doing a PhD is:
The most beautiful part is the free space, both thematically as well as locally and temporal. Furthermore you can bury oneself in one’s topic and create your own project. The modest part is the financial security and the uncertain employment situation for young researchers.

KyeongHwa Lee
Hi, I’m KyeongHwa from Seoul, South Korea. I’ve been doing my PhD Study in the Department of Applied Linguistics and Translation at Leipzig University (IALT) since 2015. Before studying in Leipzig, I completed my bachelor’s & master’s degree at Heidelberg University. Afterwards, I also attained my second master’s degree after studying at HanKuk University in Seoul.
I decided to continue my PhD Study because I’ll want to work at a university in the future (I like both teaching and researching). For my PhD Study, I searched for a supervisor and found my current supervisor, who knows the topic of my dissertation well, in Leipzig. That’s the main reason why I moved to Leipzig. Since then, I’ve got to know the city of Leipzig.
I would like to be very involved in the matter of international doctoral students and actively help shape college life at Leipzig University with other doctoral students by means of ProRat.

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Doctorate’s Day 2018

28. March 2018 by mariaerfort · Comments Off on Doctorate’s Day 2018

We kindly invite all who are interested in pursuing a doctorate or already started their thesis to this years Doctorate’s Day (19. April 2018 Villa Tillmanns, Wächterstraße 30). The event is organized in cooperation with the Research Academy Leipzig and the Graduiertenzentrum der HTWK Leipzig.

From 15:30 till 19:00 we will offer lectures and workshops (in German and in English). The topics will entail application, financing and qualification. In addition, we offer a variety of opportunities for networking and exchange with other doctorate candidates.

You can find the current program here as Download. Up-to data information and further highlights will be available on Facebook.

In order to participate in the workshops, you have to register. A maximum of 15 people can take part in one workshop. For registration please see the instructions on the webpage of the Research Academy Leipzig (zur Anmeldung).

Following the Doctorate’s Day you are welcome to hear more about science from young researchers. We meet at 20:00 in the Bibliotheca Altertina for Research on Stage – Science Slam Leipzig.

You want to know more about last years Doctorate’s Day and Science Slam? hier.

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Regular’s table

19. November 2016 by Ronja Flick · Comments Off on Regular’s table

Every month, the council of PhD candidates organizes an informal get-together. Locations are changing monthly to gain more insight into the best bars in town. So if you feel like chatting about Leipzig, about working on your thesis or anything else – grab a drink and join us!


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Monthly ProRat-Meeting

18. November 2016 by Ronja Flick · Comments Off on Monthly ProRat-Meeting

Our regular meeting usually takes place the last thursday of every month. It is open for everyone. Come and join the debate!


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Counseling for PhD Candidates

18. September 2016 by Ronja Flick · Comments Off on Counseling for PhD Candidates

The PhD candidates’ council of Leipzig University offers counseling for PhD candidates. If you have any questions about writing your thesis or anything related, please come to our office at Wächterstraße 30 (Room EG 05). Alternatively, we invite you to use our e-mail address to contact us.

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Your ProRat 2016/17 is here!

23. June 2016 by Thomas Schmid · Comments Off on Your ProRat 2016/17 is here!

On May 31 and June 1, the PhD candidates of the University of Leipzig have elected their new representatives. The elected representatives are:

  • Stefan Lehm
  • David-Georg Reichelt
  • Christian Pflug
  • Anne-Kathrin Gitter
  • KyeongHwa Lee
  • Maria Viktoria Erfort
  • Patric Maurer

Backup candidates are:

  • Enrico Macholdt
  • Sven Preußer

During the yearly university elections, 286 votings have been received. Thus, 4.89 % of all PhD candidates eligible for voting have participated.

Official voting results can be found on the webpage of the university (click here for PDF).

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Vote for the ProRat 2016/17!

30. May 2016 by Ronja Flick · Comments Off on Vote for the ProRat 2016/17!

This year’s elections of the PhD Candidate’s Council (ProRat) will be held on May 31 and June 1, 2016 (9 AM to 4 PM).

If you are a registered PhD Candidate of Leipzig University, you can vote at the polling station of your faculty.

[Mehr lesen →]

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Run for the PhD Candidates’ Council at Leipzig University!

8. April 2016 by Susann Hannemann · Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

The next elections for the PhD Candidates’ Council at Leipzig University (ProRat) will be held on May 31 and June 1, 2016. Interested and committed doctoral candidates are always welcome to join the ProRat and work on thesis-related issues. Bring your issues to the table and work with us on finding solutions to common topics or problems of being a doctoral candidate. Click here to  find out more information about the Council’s purpose and activities.

You are thinking about running for the Council for Doctoral Candidates at Leipzig University? We warmly invite you to get to know us and have all your questions about the ProRat’s responsibilities and activities answered. You can contact us via e-mail through April 28, 2016.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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