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Bi-national Doctoral Programme (Cotutelle de thèse)

The so-called Cotutelle procedure enables a PhD study with a bi-national supervision, which means the doctoral thesis project is passed at a German university as well as at a foreign university. A successful Bi-national Doctorale Programme leads to a (single) degree of doctor, which is awarded by both involved universities conjointly.

As the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz already expressed, a Bi-national Doctorale Programme is particularly interesting for those doctoral students, who wish to

  • Secure their academic links to both participating countries,
  • Decide at a later date which country they would like to work in,
  • Continue in bi-national fields of work, or
  • Maintain a research focus that is strongly connected to the other country.

Apart from the already established Bi-national Doctoral Programmes of the Research Academy Leipzig, there exists the possibility to make an individual contract of joint supervision with every foreign university, that regularise the procedure of the particular doctoral thesis project.

Anyone who wants to know more about the Bi-national Doctorale Programmes (advantages, experiences, procedure, financing, …) may write his questions directly via E-Mail or/and ask for an individual appointment.

Also, the doctoral committee (ProRat) at Leipzig University offers an information sheet with a quick overview on the most important aspects.